What is a Contingency Fee Agreement in a Personal Injury Case?

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In certain types of legal cases, such as personal injury or wrongful death claims, an attorney is only paid if he or she wins a case. This type of arrangement is called a contingency fee agreement and is universal. The lawyer agrees to accept a fixed percentage of the recovery, often one-third. If a settlement is reached, or a verdict is awarded, the attorney’s fee will come out of the compensation you are awarded. In the event, you lose your case, neither you or the attorney will receive any money. As part of the agreement, you will not be responsible for any fees related to your situation or expenses the attorney incurred. 


Benefits of Contingency Fee Agreements 

A benefit of personal injury cases is no upfront fees for the client. You do not have to pay for a consultation, you don’t have to pay a retainer, and you do not receive a bill for hours spent on a case, as you would in other types of situations where you hire an attorney. For the client, there is no risk associated with retaining a personal injury attorney, as the lawyer takes on all associated financial risks. If a lawyer hires an expert witness to review your medical file and recommend treatment, the lawyer will pay the witness, and only be reimbursed if and when you are compensated. 


Not All Attorneys Get the Same Results 

Although many lawyers will charge the same or similar fees for personal injury cases, not all provide the level of experience that the attorneys at Krause, Moorhead & Draisen, P.A. have.  We have been providing aggressive representation to victims of severe and catastrophic personal injuries in South Carolina for more than 40 years. Our case results include many six and seven-figure recoveries for car accidents, trucking accidents, and medical negligence cases. Our goal in every case is to level the playing field for our clients and allow them to get the maximum compensation they are entitled to. In cases against large corporations and huge insurance companies, we fight to ensure that our clients’ injuries are accurately demonstrated, and responsible parties are held fully accountable. 


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