Real Estate & Conveyancing Law

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue handles all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions, including performing title examinations, addressing title issues, preparing transactional and loan documents, attending closings and issuing title insurance. The firm also handles the drafting, negotiation and execution of purchase and sale agreements, entity consents and approvals, leases, easements, covenants and other documents and contracts relating to real estate. The attorneys of Keane, Macdonald & Donohue are also experienced in assisting lenders with transactions involving maritime assets and Coast Guard registered vessels.


Corporate and Business Law

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue advises clients on entity formation as well as a wide array of issues that entities encounter during their life cycle. The firm regularly assists clients with matters involving the formation, merger, sale and dissolution of limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations and non-profit organizations. We also advise clients on operational matters, such as preparing governance documents, operating agreements, buy-outs agreements, vendor contracts, licensing arrangements, franchise agreements, asset/stock/membership interest purchase and sales agreements, restructuring and succession planning documentation, non-disclosure agreements and certain employment contracts.


Banking Law

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue is experienced with counseling banks on a variety of matters related to their lending accommodations. We regularly prepare and review of loan documents, security instruments, and assist with foreclosure and work-out matters. Our attorneys advise clients on a wide variety of issues which arise at the intersection of banking law and commercial transactions.


Wills & Estate Planning

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue assists clients in the preparation of wills, advance directives, trusts, powers of attorney and other documents to serve their respective estate planning needs. The firm’s attorneys also have experience in probate practice and serving as the executor/personal representative of an estate.


Hospitality Law

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue is experienced in the area of hospitality law including the preparation and negotiation of contracts unique to the hospitality industry; including franchise agreements, management agreements, vendor and event contracts.


Land Use and Municipal Law

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue attorneys represent clients before municipal councils, boards and commissions. The attorneys handle variance and special exception matters before zoning boards, as well as present site plans and proposals to planning boards and historic district commissions. Keane, Macdonald & Donohue also represents the interests of property owners and abutters to proposed projects. As such the firm been involved with advocating objections to particular projects and developments, up to and including handling litigation related to such representation.


Non-Profit Organizations

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue provides counsel to non-profit organizations on all aspects of formation, operation and contracts that recognize favorable tax treatment. They further provide counsel to boards and staff on governance and operational issues, employment issues, hotel and convention center matters, trademarks, the merger of non-profit organizations, and ensuring proper reporting to state and federal government agencies.



Keane, Macdonald & Donohue has experience in drafting contracts as well as representing parties in contract disputes. This experience relates to a wide array of contracts, including purchase and sale agreements, asset & stock sale agreements, buy out agreements, license agreements, employment contracts/manuals, general contracts for services or goods, franchise agreements, hotel and convention center agreements, leases and other business and individual contracts.


Condominium Law

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue handles all aspects of condominium development and documentation, whether the project involves new construction or the conversion of an existing building or complex. The firm's attorneys are also experienced with the Attorney General approval process and assist clients with obtaining AG's approval for their project.


Litigation & Appeals

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue attorneys regularly appear before the various superior, district and probate courts, private and court-appointed mediators and certain administration agencies. Our attorneys also have significant experience with drafting appeals and briefs, as well as arguing matters before the New Hampshire Supreme Court.


General Practice

Keane, Macdonald & Donohue represents clients involved in divorce and family law matters, certain personal injury matters, and other general matters and disputes.